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OSCE / HDIM Warsaw: Russia’s Persecution of the Jehovah Witnesses – Joined Statement by HRWF & FOREF Europe

And we are sorry to observe that the Russian Federation is also demonstrating its contempt for political commitments undertaken here, in the OSCE. The persecution of an entire religious community by a participating State is unique in the history of the Helsinki Process. It sets a terrifying precedent as evidence of the failure of this organization to protect human rights. Continue reading

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OSCE Meeting on freedom of religion and belief

____________________________ OSCE Meeting on freedom of religion and belief ____________________________ HUMAN DIMENSION IMPLEMENATION MEETING 2013 FREEDOM OF RELIGION OR BELIEF  September 2013, Warsaw, Poland REPORT ON HUNGARIAN LAW ON CHURCHES AND ITS IMPLICATIONS ON FREEDOM OF RELIGION  By Jura Nanuk, Forum … Continue reading

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