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China aspires to global leadership, undermines fundamental human rights

China Sees Space on the High Moral Ground By Aaron Rhodes Davos, 19.01.2017 (Providence) – With Europe faltering and a new United States president attacking globalization and international organizations, and vowing to focus on national interests, leaders and experts are … Continue reading

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FRENCH POLITICIANS MOVE TO CRIMINALIZE ANTI-ABORTION INFORMATION Measure would put France in the “global vanguard of religious discrimination” – An “outright attack on freedom of speech” Press Release by FOREF Europe French version / German version (PDF) Paris/Vienna, 20.12.2016 (FOREF – Europe) … Continue reading

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Internatinoal bureaucratization could be watering down the Idea of Human Rights

Does Multilateralism Benefit Human Rights? A Comment by Aaron Rhodes Vienna, 03.10.2016 (Providence) – It is virtually an article of faith that multilateral approaches are the morally superior way to address human rights problems. Unilateralism is a term of approbation … Continue reading

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Review of A Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & John Kerry – by Anne R. Pierce

Weak: Obama’s Human Rights Record A Review by Aaron Rhodes Washington D.C./Chicago, 15.08.2016 (HuffPost) – It is widely understood, particularly among peoples who have suffered the consequences, that the Obama administration’s foreign policy has downplayed human rights and freedoms; has … Continue reading

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History and Human Rights: 600th Anniversary of the Execution of Jan Hus

___________________________ Jan Hus and Human Rights ___________________________ PRAGUE, 20.10.2015 (Huffington Post) – The following remarks were given at a conference in Prague commemorating the 600th anniversary of the burning of Jan Hus. The conference was sponsored by the Law Faculty … Continue reading

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CHINA: Internet as a tool for repression and thought-control

___________________________ EU Should Stand Firm Against Chinese Censorship By Aaron Rhodes ___________________________ BRUSSELS/BEIJING, 01.07.2015 (Epoch Times) – While many once believed access to the Internet would usher in universal human rights and democracy, in the hands of China and other … Continue reading

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Submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee in advance of its Review of France June 2015

___________________________ Human Rights Watch Concerns and Recommendations on France ___________________________ Paris, 18.06.2015 (HRW) – Human Rights Watch welcomes the upcoming review of France by the Human Rights Committee. This briefing provides an overview of our main concerns with regard to … Continue reading

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