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CHINA Arrested over 11,000 Church of Almighty God Believers in 2018

CHINA:  Over 11,000 Church of Almighty God believers arrested, 20 died from mistreatment in 2018 Annual report documents escalation of oppression by authorities 345 escapees have applied for refugee status in South Korea SEOUL, March 20, 2019– Over 11,000 members … Continue reading

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CHINA – CCP Cracks Down on Another Heretical Group: Winnie the Pooh and His Friends

Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) ban on Winnie the Pooh, in force since the character has been compared to President Xi Jinping in 2013, reaches new extremes. Published by Bitter Winter By Massimo Introvigne Bitter Winter readers may not be familiar with … Continue reading

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PRESS-RELEASE: ECHR Upholds Ruling that Criminalizes Islam-Critique

AUSTRIA: Subjugating Free Speech to Blasphemy Laws? ECHR Upholds Ruling that Criminalizes Islam-Critique Vienna, 29.10.2018 (FOREF) — The Forum for Religious Freedom Europe (FOREF Europe), an independent nongovernmental organization based in Vienna, today voiced its strong disagreement with the latest … Continue reading

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Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Expression under Attack. Religious Liberty expected to be severely restricted.

Russia: Counterterror Law tightened, Basic Freedoms threatened By IVAN NECHEPURENKO     Moscow/Russia, 24.06.2016 (NYT) – Russian lawmakers adopted on Friday a set of measures that proponents said were aimed at combating terrorism, but that human rights activists condemned as … Continue reading

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Free Speech after Charlie Hebdo Attacks

___________________________ Europe and free speech: A race to the bottom? By Jacob Mchangama ___________________________   BRUSSELS, 03.08.2015 (EUObserver) – Since European politicians post-Charlie Hebdo stood arm in arm in the streets of Paris and pledged undying allegiance to the principle of free … Continue reading

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