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PRESS-RELEASE: ECHR Upholds Ruling that Criminalizes Islam-Critique

AUSTRIA: Subjugating Free Speech to Blasphemy Laws? ECHR Upholds Ruling that Criminalizes Islam-Critique Vienna, 29.10.2018 (FOREF) — The Forum for Religious Freedom Europe (FOREF Europe), an independent nongovernmental organization based in Vienna, today voiced its strong disagreement with the latest … Continue reading

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Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Expression under Attack. Religious Liberty expected to be severely restricted.

Russia: Counterterror Law tightened, Basic Freedoms threatened By IVAN NECHEPURENKO     Moscow/Russia, 24.06.2016 (NYT) – Russian lawmakers adopted on Friday a set of measures that proponents said were aimed at combating terrorism, but that human rights activists condemned as … Continue reading

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Free Speech after Charlie Hebdo Attacks

___________________________ Europe and free speech: A race to the bottom? By Jacob Mchangama ___________________________   BRUSSELS, 03.08.2015 (EUObserver) – Since European politicians post-Charlie Hebdo stood arm in arm in the streets of Paris and pledged undying allegiance to the principle of free … Continue reading

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