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Condemn Russia’s Jehovah’s Witnesses Ban

Statement for the OSCE – Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting (SHDM) I: Freedom of Religion or Belief 22-23 June 2017, Vienna Condemn Russia’s Jehovah’s Witnesses Ban By the Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe and Human Rights Without Frontiers Vienna, 23 June 2017 – … Continue reading

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International Conference “Our Aid to the Persecuted for Religious Belief” 12 June 2017

International Conference “Our Aid to the Persecuted for Religious Belief” 12 June 2017     Presentation (sound track) by Peter Zoehrer (FOREF Europe) “Human Rights & the International Context of Religious Freedom” Presentation (English) starts at 1:38 min Presentation (PDF- … Continue reading

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Snapshot of Austria’s Anti-Cult Scene: Over-ageing of Main Actors and Decline of Public Interest

GSK: Is the FECRIS-branch of Austria Becoming a Shadow of Itself? By HRWF Vienna/Austria, 10.11.2016 (HRWF) – The landmark survey “Freedom of Religion or Belief – Anti-Sect Movements and State Neutrality. A Case Study: FECRIS” published in 2012 already contained a … Continue reading

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New Legislation to block Registration of Religious Minorities – Media Crackdown on “Sects”

SLOVAKIA: Religious Freedom only for the Big and Mighty?  By Barbara Grabner Slovenský jazyk — Download Slovak translation here (PDF) Bratislava, 05.11.2016 (FOREF) – The Slovak National Party tries to amend the current legislation regarding religion. Denominations are now required to have … Continue reading

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Invitation: CESNUR Conference – Turino, Italy, 9-11 September 2010

The 2010 International Conference Changing Gods. Between Religion and Everyday Life An International Conference organized by CESNUR, Italian Association of Sociology (AIS) – Sociology of Religions Section, and the School of Political Science – University of Torino Torino, Italy, 9-11 … Continue reading

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Annual OSCE human rights conference opens with calls for improved implementation of international standards

Press release – OSCE:“Everyone who experienced the tragedy of living through wars or totalitarian regimes knows about the value of the respect for fundamental human rights and dignity,” Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, former Polish foreign minister, said at the opening. “There is … Continue reading

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