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Three Recommendations to Stop the Persecution of Christians

Will the Trump Administration support Christians in the Middle East? By Ian Speir Washington D.C., 06.01.2017 (Providence) – When Donald Trump takes office on January 20, he will inherit a raft of foreign policy problems from his predecessor. Russia is again … Continue reading

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Freedom of Religion ensured as the Foundation for All other Liberties

Bill of Rights’ Most Important Liberty: Religion Washington D. C., 11.07.2015 ( – The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, listed non-negotiable constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in specific order, unchanged since 1791. James Madison, its chief architect, listed … Continue reading

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When “physical discipline” in accord with the Bible conflicts with child welfare

Child Abuse: The Limits of Religious Freedom in America By Jonathan Merritt Indianapolis, 07.09.2016 (The Week) – A woman in Indiana who was charged with child abuse claims that she was merely disciplining her 7-year-old son according to her evangelical Christian beliefs, … Continue reading

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Review of A Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & John Kerry – by Anne R. Pierce

Weak: Obama’s Human Rights Record A Review by Aaron Rhodes Washington D.C./Chicago, 15.08.2016 (HuffPost) – It is widely understood, particularly among peoples who have suffered the consequences, that the Obama administration’s foreign policy has downplayed human rights and freedoms; has … Continue reading

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Attempts to inhibit any kind of “discrimination” lead to discrimination against the free practice of Judaism and other faiths

The Fear of Religious Liberty Essay by Richard Samuelson Washington D. C., 03.08.2016 (Mosaic Magazine) – Not so long ago, doubts about the ability of Jews to live and practice Judaism freely in the United States would have been dismissed as … Continue reading

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Moral Principles vs. Islamism

U.S.A./WORLD: POLITICIZING THE THREAT OF ISLAMIST TERRORISM By Aaron Rhodes Washington D.C., Brussels, 16.06.2016 (HRWF/FOREF) – Americans are chewing each other apart following the massacre of 49 people at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida. The tragedy is being ruthlessly … Continue reading

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US Congress rebukes France for curtailing religious freedom

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