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Human Rights Organizations say: Decision shows failure of Islam Law

AUSTRIA: Government shuts seven mosques, prepares to expel 40 Turkey-funded imams Vienna/Austria, 11.06.2018 (HRWF/FOREF Europe) – On Friday, June 8, the government of Austria ordered the closing of seven mosques and the termination of the residence permits of 40 Turkish … Continue reading

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PRESSEMITTEILUNG: FOREF & HRWF fordern Religionsfreiheit in Russland

Anlässlich Putin Besuch – Appell an Politiker:  “Österreich kann nicht einfach zur Tagesordnung übergehen” (Wien, 4. Juni 2018) Wenn der russische Präsident Vladimir Putin sich am Dienstag mit Bundespräsident Alexander Van der Bellen und Bundeskanzler Sebastian Kurz trifft, werden sie auch ihre … Continue reading

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Winter coat saved her life

AUSTRIA: Horror as Christian woman stabbed for reading the Bible in migration centre HRWF (04.01.2017) – A Christian woman was stabbed by an asylum seeker after he heard her reading from the Bible. The 50-year-old woman was only saved by … Continue reading

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Snapshot of Austria’s Anti-Cult Scene: Over-ageing of Main Actors and Decline of Public Interest

GSK: Is the FECRIS-branch of Austria Becoming a Shadow of Itself? By HRWF Vienna/Austria, 10.11.2016 (HRWF) – The landmark survey “Freedom of Religion or Belief – Anti-Sect Movements and State Neutrality. A Case Study: FECRIS” published in 2012 already contained a … Continue reading

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Report for the OSCE Second Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting (SHDM) on FoRB, Fostering Mutual Respect and Understanding

___________________________ AUSTRIA: Policies on Religion at Variance with OSCE Standards and the European Convention on Human Rights By FOREF Europe ___________________________ FOREF expresses its concern about policies of the Austrian federal state that violate Human Dimension commitments undertaken by the … Continue reading

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AUSTRIA: New Proposed Law on Religion causes Public Outcry

  Proposed Changes to the Religion Law in Austria Represent a Major Step Backwards in Defiance of Court Mandates _________________________________________________ Alexandria, VA – July 1, 2011 – In an ongoing trend of legislative restrictions on religious freedom, proposed revisions to the … Continue reading

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OSCE Meeting on Religious Freedom in Vienna – FOREF Statement & Recommentations

SUPPLEMENTARY HUMAN DIMENSION MEETING ON FREEDOM OF RELIGION OR BELIEF 9-10 December 2010 Hofburg, Vienna___________________________________ Statement & RecommendationsAUSTRIA BACKGROUND: In Austria, we have over 66 percent Catholics and 2.9 Protestants. Islam, with 450 000 Muslims (4.2percent) constitutes the second largest … Continue reading

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