THE HOAX:False Demonstrations Against Chinese Refugees in Seoul South Korea

False Demonstrations Against Chinese Refugees in Seoul South Korea


“The Hoax”  is a great new video documentary about the false demonstrations against Chinese christian refugees in South Korea. The video shows clearly how the long arm of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) reaches into another sovereign country to continue its persecution of Christians who tried to escape surveillance & torture. The producer, a renown Italian  scholar Dr. Massimo Introvigne  brilliantly explains the historical background of state sanctioned religious persecution in China.

On August 31, 2018, agents assigned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organized some relatives of Christians from The Church of Almighty God (CAG) who had fled to South Korea from China, to hold a press conference at the Jeju Parliament under the pretext of “seeking for relatives.” They strongly requested the Korean authorities to deport the displaced Christians back to China. Between September 1 and September 4, Ms. O (吴某, Ms. Wu), a pro-Chinese Korean activist, recruited professional demonstrators along with some relatives of CAG Christians to stage false “spontaneous” demonstrations respectively at the CAG communities in Seoul and Chungcheongbuk-do, and before the Blue House, the executive office of the President of South Korea.

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During the demonstrations, Mr. Peter Zoehrer, an Austrian reporter and the executive director of the Forum for Religious Freedom Europe (FOREF Europe), was one of the witnesses on site. He witnessed the hateful representations of the self-styled demonstrators, and had interviews with some CAG Christians who are in South Korea. He stated that the CAG has been subjected to persecution in China, and that CAG members had fled to South Korea and sought asylum there for religious freedom. He also pointed out that it is the Chinese Communist Party that had disrupted their families, while The Church of Almighty God had not been responsible for family disruption. Please join us for the footage of his interviews.

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