New documentary exposes financial exploitation of parents by anti-cult activists in Ukraine and Russia

“Protect your Dignity”… and Don’t Let FECRIS Mess with Your Family


Odessa/Brussels, 03.10.2016 (HRWF) – On 2 October, an investigation film entitled “Protect YourDignity“, which denounces the abuse of weakness and financial exploitation of parents by anti-sect activists in Ukraine and Russia, was launched on YouTube. Alexander Dvorkin, FECRIS vice-president, and Alexander Neveev, a psychologist, masterminded from Russia an operation against 19-year old girl in Odessa. The girl’s mother paid 12,000 dollars to “rescue” her from a job at an alternative newspaper.

This very artistic movie is a joint production of the public organization “Kavalyer” with the Brussels-based NGO “Human Rights Without Frontiers International (HRWF)” and the Unsolved Crimes Newspaper. The documentary film “Protect Your Dignity” is based on a true story.  Key events of the film started on September 2, 2015 in an ordinary Ukrainian family in Odessa.

The main storyline of the film is a family drama whose victim was a 19-year old girl named Yulia Yalovaya. The Russian-Ukrainian anti-cultists’ group manipulated her parents and destroyed the harmonious relations existing in this family to destroy an imaginary cult and the business reputation of scientist Oleg Maltsev, a Ukrainian follower of the Jewish psychiatrist Leopold Szondi(*) who founded the “International Schicksalsanalyse Community Research Institute”.

This movie also shows the model and algorithms of actions of some anti-cult actors who artificially create fears and social panic. The anti-cult activists identified by the Ukrainian investigators are based in Ukraine, and Russia: Alexander Dvorkin, Alexander Neveev, Maria Kapar, an anti-cult activist in Odessa, Dmitry Bakayev (journalist of “Dumskaya TV”, a friend and fan of Alexander Neveev), Maria Kovaleva (journalist of “Channel 7”), Vyacheslav Kasim (journalist of “Channel 7”), Eugene Lysyi (“Channel 7” journalist), Oksana Podnesbesnaya (journalist “OODTRK TV” friend and fan of Alexander Neveev), Dmitry Mikhailenko (journalist of the “Third digital channel”).

(*) LĂ©opold Szondi was a Hungarian psychiatrist. He is known for the psychological tool that bears his name, the Szondi test. He was born on 11th March 1893 in Nitra, the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and present-day Slovakia. He was raised in a German and Slovak-speaking Jewish family. In June 1944, he was deported with his family to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on the Kastner train (4). In December 1944, Szondi and his family, along with other prominent intellectuals, were released to Switzerland after 1,700 American intellectuals paid a large ransom to Adolf Eichmann. He continued to live there after the war. He died in KĂĽsnacht on 24th January 1986 at the age of 92. Szondi has a few followers in Ukraine that try to adapt his teachings to the modern world and to implement them in various contexts.

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