The Forum for Religious Freedom Europe (FOREF Europe) is an independent, secular, civil society formation dedicated to defending the freedom of religion in accordance with international law. The NGO was founded in Vienna, on December 20, 2005, by Prof. Christian Brünner, former Dean of the School of Law (1983-1985) and former Rector (1985-1989) of the University of Graz as well as former member of parliament (1990-1994), and Peter Zoehrer, a human rights activist and freelance journalist.

FOREF Europe regularly reports to the media, OSCE, US-State Department, and human rights organizations on religious freedom violations in the OSCE-region and beyond. FOREF Europe has established an international scientific board of experts as well as an interdenominational religious board. Since its establishment, FOREF Europe has achieved a number of important victories in helping victims of religious intolerance to gain respect for their rights and be vindicated from injustice, discrimination or persecution. FOREF Europe’s Facebook community numbers over 2500 members.

In 2014, FOREF Europe named international human rights activist Dr. Aaron Rhodes president. FOREF’s executive director is Peter Zoehrer.

The mandate of FOREF Europe is:

  • The protection of the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief
  • The promotion of basic democratic principles and the Rule of Law
  • The monitoring and documentation of official and public intolerance against religious communities and advancing religious tolerance
  • Advocacy with local, national, and international authorities and civil society
  • The promotion of objective approaches to understanding new religious movements
  • Supporting civil society’s ability to pro-actively find solutions to inter-religious conflicts

FOREF Europe seeks to promote the vision found in Article 18 of the Universial Declaration of Human Rights:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, alone or in community with others, and, in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” 

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  1. Ferdinand says:

    I think this a very important issue and I like to be updated on this!

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    53 Caritas Drive, Allentown, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
    Tel: +232-76-944353; +232-88-423818
    Email: hugochavezfoundation@gmail.com
    Public Release Statement 29th May, 2015

    On 18th May, 2015 the military regime in Egypt meted out death sentences against the democratically-elected Egyptian President, Dr. Mohamed Morsi and over hundred others for rejecting the illegal and unconstitutional overthrow of democratic institutions in the North African nation. From our sources inside Egypt, these death sentences were imposed as a consequence of a rotten and draconian judicial process conducted outside democratic ethos.
    Following the passing of these unprecedented sentences, the military establishment in Egypt faced a wave of international condemnation as the news of the sentences was heard. This crusader campaign to silence the Egyptian people’s democratic ethos further exemplifies the Egyptian military regime’s trademark of killing peace, democracy, freedom and dignity of the Egyptian nation.
    The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity condemns this inhumane act and miscarriage of justice and calls upon the civilized international community, particularly the UN Security Council, Non-Align Movement, ALBA, UNASUR, the African Union, etc to exert pressure on the Egyptian military and its foreign allies to halt these executions and to review the decisions of the kangaroo courts to ensure that all human rights, including rights of the Egyptian people to exercise their democratic freedoms are fully upheld and respected in practice.
    The Foundation believes that the Egyptian military’s policy of brutal injustice on prodemocracy forces reinforces the Foundation’s (HCIF-PFS) doubts about the ongoing terror campaign embarked upon by the junta regime against the Egyptian people. It is absolutely unacceptable to the civilized international community for individuals to be imprisoned and condemned to death for exercising their rights to advocate for democracy, freedom and dignity.
    The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, friendship and Solidarity opposes the death penalty in all its ramifications and calls upon the military in Egypt to make a clean break with a savage tradition by abolishing capital punishment; and an immediate moratorium on executions should be the first step. No reasonable court anywhere would recognise such a decision as it runs contrary to internationally recognized norms and standards of behavior, which are only practice by proxy rogue regimes.
    Since the brutal unconstitutional overthrow of the democratically-elected Government of President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt has systematically violated the social and political rights, engaged in politically motivated prosecution of pro-democracy activists, public figures and human rights activists, who are prosecuted on trumped up politically-motivated charges.
    The Foundation as always joins other international organizations to call upon the United States in particular, despite the economic and military contacts with the Junta in Cairo, to take all possible measures to put pressure on the regime, demanding for overturning these convictions and set Egypt back on a course towards reconciliation, peace, justice, freedom, democracy and dignity. Under the so-called war on terror, the military in Egypt opts instead to turn the guns and bullets against the people, whose only crime is their love for peace, democracy, rule of law, freedom and dignity.
    Since the unconstitutional overthrow of the democratically-elected Government of President Mohamed Morsi and the enthronement of the current military tyranny and dictatorship in 2013, the following widespread, planned and systematic violation of Human Rights have been committed against the people of Egypt:
    Total number of arrests: Over 37, 000 peace and freedom-loving Egyptians.
    Extra-judicial executions: 496
    Kangaroo military court Marshalls: 14, 000
    Vicious Sentences handed out: 7, 500
    Journalists (mostly of Arab origin), arrested, interrogated and incarcerated: 320

    Students’ movement activists, arrested, interrogated and incarcerated: 650
    Number of Footballers arrested, interrogated and molested: 83
    Labour Union movement activists’ rights have been violated: 435
    Political, social and cultural activists arrested, interrogated and tried: 15, 400
    This is only a fraction of the ugly situation in Egypt, there is more to unearth. The absence of free news and information as well as threats on the activities of the social and humanitarian activities of NGOs, make it difficult to reports as the situation demands for clear understanding of the international community about the current human rights situation Egypt.
    The world has advanced beyond handing down death penalty for offences such as condemning military tyranny and dictatorship rule. It is so shameful, painful and unacceptable that peaceful protesters, academics, students, journalists, and members of hundreds of civil society organizations have been subject to barbaric, criminal and dehumanizing assault by the current military junta in Cairo. It is clear now that all those who participated in the much trumpeted Arab Spring in 2011, as well as the millions of Egyptians who voted for democracy in a process declared by the international community as peaceful, free, fair and honest are now subject to treatment in sub-human fashion.
    It is for the sake of humanity and public security, and deep respect for the people of Egypt and Africans at home and the diasporas that we demand for the civilized international community to nailed it support behind the forces of democracy, peace, freedom, justice and dignity in Egypt.
    Concluding, the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, friendship and Solidarity urges the Egyptian military to stop the planned executions and reintroduce the moratorium on the death penalty. We also demand that the military junta in Egypt stops its heinous crimes and crimes against humanity committed day-in and day-out against the people of Egypt.


    Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
    International Executive Director
    Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, friendship and Solidarity


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