Concessions by Hungarian Government, but slow Progress

David Baer Continues Advocacy For Religious Freedom in Hungary

Report by Texas Lutheran University



Budapest/Seguin, 22.10.2015 (TLU) – As a philosophy and theology professor with a personal connection to Hungary, David Baer has become one of the leading experts on the country. Specifically examining religious freedom and a 2012 law that stripped most small religious communities of their legal status, he recently attended the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s (OSCE) conference in Warsaw, Poland—an annual event addressing a wide range of human rights concerns.

As part of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Forum for Religious Freedom Europe (FOREF), Baer spoke about persistent difficulties with Hungary’s church law, including the government’s latest draft.

“Since the law was passed, not much has changed; however, the European Court of Human Rights has said the law is in violation of international European law,” said Baer. “Now, Hungary must address this. While they have been negotiating with churches, it has been and continues to be very slow.” While the latest draft of the law submitted by the Hungarian government reads better, … Read full article here.

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