FECRIS holds Annual Conference in Brussels (closed to public)


Salle-BelgiumBRUSSELS, 24 MARS 2014


“Salle des Congrds de la Chambre des Repr6sentants, Palais de la Nation” Rue de Louvain 13, 1000 Brussels 9.00-18.00
European Conference – 20th Anniversary of FECRIS

  • Tom Sackville, president of FECRIS – The 20 years of FECRIS
  • Timothy Kirkhope, Member of the commission of civil liberties, justice and internal affairs of the European Parliament – Welcome in Europe.
  • Opening of the colloquium
  • Laurette Onkelinx, Belgium vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Social Affairs – Welcome to Belgium
  • Preliminary bill on sectarian drifts in the health sector.
  • Laurant Chabaud, Medical doctor, France general inspector of social affairs, director of the school of High Studies in Public Health – infringement on the equality of chances of healing.
  • Serge Blisko, President of the MIVILUDES – The confusion – why aiming at wrong target?
  • Hans-Werner Carlhoff, former president of the inter-ministerial work group on sects and psycho-groups of Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany) – When children, young people and parents become victims: the abuse of human rights by sectarian organizations.
  • Testimonies and questions:
    Chales-Henri and Christine de V6drines – We were not armed (Monflanquain and Oxford recluses: a gross manipulation)
  • The abuse of weakness, the sectarian activities and the help to people from the Grand- Duch6 of Luxemburg
  • Marcel Conradt (Belgium), MEP assistant, historian and author – Sects: a view from the European Parliament
  • David Clark (USA), FECRIS representative at the UN in NY – Historic of the defenders of sects and their allies who are protecting these groups and neglect human dignity and those who are really victims.
  • Luigi Corvaglia (Italy), Psychologist, vice-president CeSAP (Centro Studi sugli Abusi Psicologici)
  • Andre Frederic/Tom Scakville – Conclusions
  • Reception at the City Hall, Grand’Place, offered by the burgomaster of Brussels

Editorial remark:

As in previous years, also this time the FECRIS Annual Conference is a closed event. That means neutral observers, let alone critical journalists, may not be able to enter the meeting at all. In the last years annual meeting of FECRIS the journalist Bashy Quraishi (also Chairman of ENAR Advisory Council, Chair of European Platform for Jewish Muslim Cooperation and Secretary General of EMISCO) has been able to attend in spite of the strict security measures by the organisers. This is what happened to him (link to video & article):


Read more about FECRIS:

BOOK: Freedom of Religion or Belief. Anti-Sect Movements and State Neutrality

A Case Study: FECRIS

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