Recent Speeches on Religious Freedom in Europe


Seminar “Freedom of opinion, religion and belief — Persecution of, and discrimination against, minority-groups” (Organized by: EIFRF et al.)

Recent Speeches on Religious Freedom in Europe

Brussels, 16th of October 2013


Press release: A cause for concern in Europe by EIFRF.  On 16 October 2013, European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom (EIFRF ) organized an event in partnership with United Sikh InternationalFederation Pro Europa Christiana, European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion (EMISCO ), Coordination des Associations et des Citoyens pour la Liberté de Conscience (CAPLC Europe ), Forum for Religious Freedom (FOREF ) and Soteria International.

The room was packed. The main reason for the meeting was to provide information on repressive policies used against religious minorities in Europe as well as the danger of letting these practices contaminate the rest of Europe. Speakers also addressed the need to raise awareness on human rights standards with regards to religious freedom and highlighted good practices that exist in Europe. (Read more…)


Seminar: Recent Speeches on Religious Freedom in Europe, Brussels, 16th of October 2013

Spain before religious minorities: learning from our mistakes — by Juan Ferreiro Galguera – full professor of Ecclesiastical Law at University of Coruna Former D/Director General for Promotion and Protection of Religious Freedom at the Spain Ministry of Justice.

In this speech I am going to talk about three things. First, I will refer to the constitutional principles that should be respected in any kind of State-Church relations. Second, how these principles have been implemented by administrative acts regarding religious minorities. And third, I will show two examples of good practices concerning legal recognizing of religious minorities which we had learned from two previous mistakes. (Read more…)


Protection of religions – big and small – is state’s dutyby Bashy Quraishy – Secretary General of EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg / member of the advisory board of Migration Research Centre – Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey / Chair of the advisory council of ENAR, Brussels.

I want to thank the organizers of this important meeting for inviting me to speak on the an issue, which is very close to my heart, namely the right of every human being to have a religion, practice it and not be discriminated, harassed or vilified.  (Read more…)


French Secularism and Europeby Patricia Duval – attorney at law in France / Specialist in European and International Human Rights Law / Master in Public Law and European Union Law, La Sorbonne, Paris.

Secularism of the French institutions has been achieved through a long process starting with the French Revolution of 1789 and continuing through the enactment of the 1905 law consecrating the separation of Church and State. This transitional and confrontational period eventually resulted in the 1905 law, which has ensured secularity and neutrality of the French institutions and equality of all religions before the law. (Read more…)


The Right To Religious Freedom In The European Human Rights Protection System And Some Good Practices to be Followed by States — by Alessandro Amicarelli – lawyer in private practice / belongs to the BAR of Italy and the Law Society of England. He specializes in human rights having a PhD from the Sapienza University of Rome. His specific field of interest is that of minorities and religious minorities rights. Between 2005 and 2012 has lectured in human rights at the University of Urbino. Being also a graduate in Middle East Studies he follows with particular interest the developments of the Muslim communities in the East as well as in Europe.

Abstract: The number of complaints filed before the European Court of Human Rights concerning religious freedom has dramatically increased since the first judgment issued in 1993. In this presentation we will have a look at the basics of the right to religious freedom as well as at the most recent cases dealt with by the European Court and at some good practices that should be implemented by states in respect of minority religions rights and informed on the principles of equality and non-discrimination too. (Read more…)


Mistreatments of religious minorities: the French Model by Eric Roux – EIFRF Steering Committee.

Some other speakers will speak of the good practices that exist in Europe regarding the treatment of religious minorities but I will have the difficult task of describing a country with a system which is known for its discriminatory and bad practices. Unfortunately, I know this country pretty well, as it is mine: France. (Read more…)

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