Religious Discrimination in Japan: Victims Testify at UN – Geneva

Mrs. Mitsuko Antal, Unification Church member, victim of kidnapping and confinement for the purpose of religious de-conversion testifies at UN Geneva


Mrs. Mitsiko Antal (Japan) testifies in a video message about having been kidnapped, forced into confinement & mistreated for the sake of de-conversion.

“Religious Discrimination in Japan”

Geneva, Palais des Nations, 31. 10. 2012 (FOREF) Prior to UPR session on Japan, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF)  in joint sponsorship with  Human Rights without Frontiers, the Japanese Victims Association against Kidnapping, Forced Conversion  and FOREF Europe organized a information meeting in which Mrs. Mitsuko Antal, member of the Unification Church, gave a shocking testimony (see video).


Featured panelists at the conference:

  • Aaron Rhodes, International human rights activist, co-founder of the Freedom Rights Project, and former Executive Director of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights.
  • Willy Fautre, President Human Rights Without Frontiers, Brussels – Belgium
  • Patricia Duval, Attorney at Law, Brussels – Belgium
  • Toru Goto, Representative of the “Japanese Victims’ Association against Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion. “
  • Mitsuko Antal, Victim of abduction and forced conversion, Japan.


Human Rights Without Frontiers has just published its report “Japan: Abductions and deprivation of freedom for the purpose of de-conversion”. In the last 40 years, about 4000 members of the Unification Church as well as members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, were kidnapped, confined and submitted to brainwashing for days, weeks, months and sometimes years in total impunity to force them to recant their faith. Last year, Human Rights Without Frontiers carried out an independent investigation in Tokyo and in Seoul. The report was published in Japanese and now in English. It is used as a reference for current campaigns in Japan, UN, United States and academic conferences so that an end can be put to this practice and the Japanese authorities prosecute those who perpetrate such illegal activities.


  • Over 80% of the victims are women.
  • The Japanese authorities treat this horrendous crimes as “family matter”.
  • The Japanese media (with only few exceptions) refuse to reoport on these human rights violations.
  • Hundrets of victims suffer PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) until this day.
  • So far no substantial compensations have been offered to the victims.


HRWF Report (for download)

HRWF Report (order from Amazon)

Human Rights Without Frontiers official Website:

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