Chen Guangcheng is on his way to New York!

Chen Guangcheng is on his way to New York!

Chen Guangcheng and his family are on their way to Newark, NJ, bringing to an end to sensitive and sometimes strained negotiations between the United States government and the Chinese Communist Party concerning the blind activist.

This momentous occasion is likely bittersweet for Chen, who may look forward to freedom in the US while worrying about reprisals against his family in China.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has been leading the international coalition to free Chen since president Reggie Littlejohn first testified concerning Chen at the European Parliament in 2008.  She stated,  “This is the moment we’ve been working for, waiting for and praying for, for years.  I can hardly believe it has finally arrived.”  Littlejohn is flying to Newark to greet Chen and his family.  On the way to the airport she stated, “I want to thank everyone who has helped bring about this victory:  the State Department, Congressman Chris Smith, actor Christian Bale, the many thousands from all over the the world who signed our Free Chen petition and who participated in the international Sunglasses campaign.  Most of all, I would like to thank the many courageous citizens of China who have been beaten and detained because of their support for Chen.  They are real heroes.”

She added, “We will continue to monitor and advocate for Chen’s family and friends who remain in China, especially his nephew, Chen Kegui, who has wrongfully been accused of attempted murder when thugs attacked him and his family in their own home.”

You Can Help!

Has the injustice inflicted on Chen Guangcheng filled you with outrage? Has the suffering caused by forced abortion in China stricken your heart with sadness?  You can help by signing our petition to free Chen Guangcheng, and forwarding it to your friends.  And you can help by donating.  We depend on the generosity of people like you to keep us going.  Many thanks!

Reggie Littlejohn
President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers
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