Undercover In The Secret State North Korea

Undercover In The Secret State North Korea
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NORTH KOREA does not only have the worlds worst record on  religious freedom. Kim Jong Il is ruling his starving people with a terror regime unmatched in human history. Thanks to some brave citizens – the true heroes of our time – we can get a glimpse into the world of the suffering people of the North Korea. 


Citisens in North Korea live life in huge fear and they must pretend and even to convict themselfs that they love egomaniac president. Fear is here with reason: -Govermant sent people in gas chambers,hard work camps and even execute them if they suspect about not loyality to govermant.They have undercover agents who spy people everhywhere and people live with scary felengs.. Simple citisens like wee are,they beging for our help.

Holocaust Now: Looking Down Into Hell at Camp 22

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  1. John Eagles says:

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