Invitation: CESNUR Conference – Turino, Italy, 9-11 September 2010

The 2010 International Conference

Changing Gods. Between Religion and Everyday Life

torinoAn International Conference organized by CESNUR, Italian Association of Sociology (AIS) – Sociology of Religions Section, and the School of Political Science – University of Torino

Torino, Italy, 9-11 September 2010

Università di Torino – Facoltà di Scienze Politiche – Via G. Plana 10




Thursday 9th September

8,45-10 / Registration / Entrance hall
10-12,30 / Session 1 – Plenary / Great Hall (Room A) – Ground floor
Changing Gods

Chair: J. Gordon MELTON
Welcome Addresses
Roberto COTA (Governor of Piedmont)
Antonio SAITTA (President, Province of Torino)
Franco GARELLI (Chair, School of Political Science, University of Torino)
Massimo INTROVIGNE (Managing Director, CESNUR)
Enzo PACE (Chair, Sociology of Religions Section, AIS)
What’s Going On? Are the Gods Here, There or Everywhere?
Eileen BARKER (London School of Economics)
Diffused Religion and Prayer
Roberto CIPRIANI (University of Roma Tre)
The End of the Mass? Over-Reporting and Catholic Mass Attendance: An Empirical Study

12,30 / Lunch (on your own)
14-16 / Parallel Sessions
14-16 / Session 2 / Room E – Ground floor
Pluralism and Globalization
Chair: Molly CHATALIC
Strange Bedfellows? Religious Pluralism, Exclusivism, and Certitude
Peter ADMIRAND (Trinity College, Dublin)
Religious Differences Lead to Linguistic Differences (Albanian Reality)
Rrezarta DRAÇINI (Luigj Gurakuqi University, Shkodra)
Europe Between Christian Identity and Multiculturalism
Alessandro IOVINO (Federico II University, Napoli)

14-16 / Session 3 / Room G – 1st floor
Islam and Globalization
Chair: Bernadette RIGAL-CELLARD
Two Neighbor Mosques in the Greater Lisbon Area: Proximity and Conflict Between Salafism and Sufism
José ANES (Lusíada University, Lisboa)
View of Male and Female Iranian Students. Gender Egalitarian Attitudes among the Women and the Younger Generation in Iran
Ehsaneh BAGHERI (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris)
Religious Pluralism and Qoran
Abrahim FALLAH (Islamic Azad University, Sari Branch)

 14-16 / Session 4 / Room H – 1st floor
Religion, Law and Democracy
Chair: Michael W. HOMER
Two Weights and Two Measures: Comment on ECtHR’s Lautsi v. Italy Case Judgment
Alessandro AMICARELLI (University of Urbino)
Social Responses From Religious Diversity and Pluralism Homeschooling Cases
Irene María BRIONES MARTÍNEZ (University Complutense, Madrid)
Paradox as Our New “God”? Social Systems Theory Perspective on Religion and Democratization
Yu-Cheng LIU (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
Legal Possibilities in Case of Violation of Personal Rights
Aleksandra KANALEC IVANCIC (University of Ljubljana)

14-16 / Session 5 / Room M – 2nd floor
Forme del religioso in Italia
Chair: Gianni TRAPLETTI
Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta: dall’incontro all’iniziazione Hare Krishna
Marilena BOGAZZI (Alma Mater Studiorum University, Bologna)
Il ruolo dello Stato nella religione politica del fascismo
Lorenzo SANTORO (University of Roma Tre)
Pop-religion. La rappresentazione della religiosità delle celebrità nella stampa popolare italiana
Oscar RICCI (University of Milano-Bicocca)

14-16 / Session 6 / Room N – 2nd floor
Changing New Age
Chair: Philippe MURILLO
Religious Bricolage in Iran: A Case Study of “Iran Reiki” Class
Shirin GHOLAMIZADEH BEHBAHANI (University of Strasbourg)
The Holy Family – An Example of New Age Charisma?
Gregor LESJAK (Government’s Office for Religious Communities, Ljubljana)
Motivation Trainers – A New Group of Religious Leaders? On Motivation Gurus, Priests, Prophets and Popes
Maryam Laura MOAZEDI (Karl Franzens University, Graz)

14-16 / Session 7 / Room P – 2nd floor
Comunità pentecostali in cambiamento
Chair: Paolo NASO
La sfida del dialogo religioso nell’immigrazione
Pino LUCÀ TROMBETTA (University of Bologna)
Forme di preghiera nelle chiese etniche pentecostali
Luigi BERZANO (University of Torino)

 “Gli altri addii”. Una ricerca sui riti funebri degli immigrati in Piemonte
Alessandro GUSMAN (University of Torino)
La presenza evangelica immigrata a Castel Volturno
Maria Antonietta MAGGIO – Donato DI SANZO (La Sapienza University, Roma)

16 / Coffee Break
16,15-18,15 / Parallel Sessions
16,15-18,15 / Session 8 / Room E – Ground floor
Toward a Sociology of Prayer
Chair: Giuseppe GIORDAN
Prayer in the Everyday Lives of Educated Islamist Women in Turkey
Fatma SÜNDAL (Anadolu University, Eskişehir)
Words with God and Words of God in the Prayers of Young People
Monica CHILESE (Osservatorio Socio-Religioso Triveneto, Vicenza)
The Free-Style Prayer Reinventing Catholic Tradition
Elena ZAPPONI (La Sapienza University, Roma)
A Comparative Anthropological Analysis of Silent Prayer Among American Christian “Plain People”
Andrea BORELLA (University of Torino)

16,15-18,15 / Session 9 / Room G – 1st floor
Religions, Modernity, and Pluralism
Chair: Alessandro AMICARELLI
Denial, Trivialization and Relegation of Pluralism: The Challenges of Managing Diversity in Multi-Religious Malaysia and Indonesia
Ibrahim Alwee AZHAR (University of Copenhagen)
Learning from / Learning by Teaching Religions in Italy
Mariachiara GIORDA (University of Torino)
Brittany: A Buddhist Land’s End?
Molly CHATALIC (University of Brest)

16,15-18,15 / Session 10 / Room H – 1st floor
The Changing Metaphysical Tradition
Chair: J. Gordon MELTON
I AM: Being Spiritual and the Practice of Everyday Life
Alp ARAT (Lancaster University)
Slavic Messianism in South East Europe: Peter Deunov and the White Brotherhood
Thomas HEINZEL (University of Erfurt)
The Renewal of American Metaphysical Religion: An Analysis of Christ Church Unity, Orlando, Florida, USA
Philippe MURILLO (University Toulouse 3)

16,15-18,15 / Session 11 / Room M – 2nd floor
Nuovi e vecchi esoterismi
Chair: Andrea MENEGOTTO
Psicogeometria della Sezione Aurea
Carlo DA BANDI – Ermanno MONTI – Giuseppe CHIEROTTI (Torino)
Jane Roberts e il “sé multiplo”
Francesco BARONI (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris)
Violenza e Religione: le nuove colonizzazioni dell’immaginario andino
Arianna CECCONI (University of Milano-Bicocca)
La Tradizione delle Salamandre. Origini e sviluppo di una scuola magica contemporanea
Gianni TRAPLETTI (SIPR, Brescia)

16,15-18,15 / Session 12 / Room N – 2nd floor
Changing Hindu and Buddhist Traditions
Chair: José ANES
Expecting Experience and Experiencing Expectation – Religious Experience Narratives in the Hare Krishna Movement
Hrvoje CARGONJA (Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb)
The Relevance of Women’s Self-Restraint to Sustainable Organizational Leadership: Vedantic Perspective
Vasudev DAS (Institute for Applied Spiritual Technology, Ibadan)
The Rise of Non-Dualism in Bengal and a Personalist Countercurrent
Ferdinando SARDELLA (University of Gothenburg)
Ammachi, the Mother of Compassion: How Does a Neo-Hindu Movement Represent Itself in the Secular Context?
Jyri Antero KOMULAINEN (University of Helsinki)

16,15-18,15 / Session 13 / Room P – 2nd floor
Esperienze e sfide
Chair: Luigi BERZANO
Lorenzo Alessandri ed il mondo dell’occulto
Roberto CERA (University of Torino)
La sfida culturale del Gender
Cristiana DOBNER (Carmelo di Concenedo di Barzio)
Viaggio nella Hyle: arconti, serpente divino e psichismo puro nella caduta gnostica del “Petit Prince” e nell’incontro col suo ‘didymos’
Antonio SORO (University of Sassari)
19,30 / Cocktail Reception (Terrazza Solferino, Via Bertolotti 7, Torino)
21 / Assemblea AIS – sezione Sociologia della Religione, riservata ai soci AIS (CESNUR, Via Confienza 19, Torino)

Friday 10th September

9-11 / Parallel Sessions
9-11 / Session 14 / Room N – 2nd floor
Changing Islam
Chair: Michael KROPVELD
Religious Retreats and Transcultural Challenges. Muslims in Metropolitan France and Their Point of Departure: Village-Sufism in Senegal
Gina Gertrud SMITH (University of Copenhagen)
The Self-Perception of Muslim Woman in Albania During the Democratization Process
Kalie KERPACI (Kapodistrian University, Athens) and Esmeralda HOTI (University of Torino)
Religion as Lived: Ritualization, Authority, and Individualization with Muslims in Denmark, Germany and the United States
Nadia JELDTOFT (University of Copenhagen)
Ashura and the Ritual Emancipation of Women
Mohammed MAAROUF (University El Jadida)
Mental Health in the Holy Quran
Morteza KHORRAMI (Islamic Azad University, Ghaemshahr Branch)

9-11 / Session 15 / Room G – 1st floor
Changing New Religious Movements
Chair: George CHRYSSIDES
Schism in the Moon Empire: A Tale of Two Sons
James A. BEVERLEY (Tyndale Seminary, Toronto)
Deprogramming in Japan
Dan FEFFERMAN (International Coalition for Religious Freedom, Greenbelt, Maryland)
From External Conflict to Group Crisis in Canadian New Religious Movements: An Experience of Transformation
Marie-Andrée PELLAND (University of Moncton, New Brunswick) and Dianne CASONI (University of Montréal)
Communicating Branch Davidian Teaching: Lois Roden’s SHEkinah Magazine
William Lee PITTS (Vanderbilt University)

9-11 / Session 16 / Room E – Ground floor
Morfologie della conversione
Chair: Laura GAFFURI
Ricodificare se stessi: una lettura della conversione cristiana nella società mediterranea antica
Emiliano URCIUOLI (University of Torino)
Da ebrea a cristiana: il caso di Eugenia di Tiro (V secolo)
Rosa Maria PARRINELLO (University of Torino)
Cambiare se stessi per cambiare l’altro. Jerònimo Nadal e le strategie di conversione tra i primi gesuiti (1556-1563)
Guido MONGINI (University of Torino)
Roberto de Nobili e “il volto asiatico di Gesù”
Margherita TRENTO (University of Torino)
“Rigetto Lutero: ignoro Calvino…”; i linguaggi della conversione nel ‘600 attraverso le opere di tre pastori valdesi “tornati nel grembo della Chiesa di Roma”
Matthew NOFFKE (University of Torino)

9-11 / Session 17 / Room H – 1st floor
Mind, Body, Spirit
Chair: Clyde R. FORSBERG
Coming Home to Caodaism’s Global Aims: Recent Political and Educative Developments of a Vietnamese New Religious Movement
Christopher HARTNEY (University of Sydney)
Healing Rooms as Bodily Channelled Spirituality
Tuija HOVI (Åbo Akademi University)
Spirituality and Catholicism: The Italian Experience
Stefania PALMISANO and Simone MARTINO (University of Torino)

11 / Coffeee Break
11,15-13,15 / Parallel Sessions
11,15-13,15 / Session 18 / Room N – 2nd floor
A Glance at Esotericism
Chair: Christopher HARTNEY
Esotericism and Healing
Régis DERICQUEBOURG (University of Lille 3, Groupe de sociologie des religions et de la laïcité, CNRS, Paris)
An Esoteric Comment on Apocalypse, by Abbé Antoine de Larminat (1895-1963)
Jean-Pierre LAURANT (GSRL, Paris)
Wiccans and Neo-Pagans in Catholic Malta: Synergies and Tensions Between the Worlds
Kathryn ROUNTREE (Massey University, Auckland)
Cultivating the Sacred in the Everyday: Women on the Path of the Goddess
Åsa TRULLSON (Lund University)
11,15-13,15 / Session 19 / Room H – 1st floor
Esperienze del sacro
Chair: Stefania PALMISANO
Esperienze di dialogo ecumenico nella Diocesi di Bari
Alfonso GIORGIO (La Sapienza University, Roma)
Il marketing della religione
Giulia EVOLVI (University of Padova)
La pratica del digiuno del mese di Ramadan e i giovani musulmani figli e figlie di immigrati
Valentina FEDELE (University of Calabria)

11,15-13,15 / Session 20 / Room G – 1st floor
Case Studies
Chair: Enzo PACE
The Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Its Legacy in Rastafari
Marzia COLTRI (University of Birmingham)
Childhood in a Sectarian Environment – Challenges of Integration into Society at an Adult Age
Lorraine DEROCHER (University of Sherbrooke)
Changing Faith: Costs and Consequences of Intra-Christian Conversion in Rural Oaxaca
Toomas GROSS (University of Helsinki)
Catholic Identity in the Process of Transformation: in the Focus of Ukraine
Aleksandr DOBROYER (University of Ukraine)

11,15-13,15 / Session 21 / Room P – 2nd floor
Old/New Religious Movements
They Keep Changing the Dates – The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Changing Chronology
George CHRYSSIDES (University of Birmingham)
Believing and Leading to Believe. Rhetorics of Proselytism and Experience of Religious Change of the Self. The Cases of Scientology and Mormon Church
Nicola PANNOFINO (University of Torino)
Christian Science: Principle and Pluralism
Shirley PAULSON (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston)
History and Function of the Tekakwitha Conference in the USA
Bernadette RIGAL-CELLARD (University of Bordeaux)

11,15-13,15 / Session 22 / Room E – Ground floor
Religion, Youth, and Networks
Youth and Religion: Italian and International Trends Between Identity and Identifications
Carlo GENOVA (University of Torino)
Social Networks and Religion: A New Way to Reach Old Goals?
Roberta RICUCCI (University of Torino)
Young People Negotiating Religious and Sexual Identities in the UK: A Multi-Faith Perspective
Sarah Jane PAGE (University of Nottingham)
“I am the God of Everything:” The Development of (Self)-Destructive Panenanthropism in Popular Youth Culture
Melanie J. VAN OORT-HALL (Independent scholar, Köln)

13,15 / Lunch (on your own)

14,30 / Field Trip and Banquet – The Abbey of Vezzolano and the Food of Piedmont
Coaches leave the University at 14,30 for the Abbey of Vezzolano – where a guided visit to the Abbey and a musical concert with the Choir “Estro Armonico” directed by Mr. Mario Dellapiana will be offered –, and Cocconato, in the heart of Piedmont’s main food and wine district.

Changing Gods Banquet
Banquet Speaker: Enzo PACE (University of Padova)
Spiritual ‘Feeding’ and Empowerment in the Neo-Pentecostalism

Saturday 11th September

10,30-12,30 / Session 23 – Plenary / Great Hall (Room A) – Ground floor
Do the Arts Change Our Gods?
Chair: Jean-François MAYER
A Gallery of Changing Gods: Contemporary Art and the Cultural Fashion of the Occult
Marco PASI (University of Amsterdam)
Vampires and Alternative Religions
J. Gordon MELTON (ISAR, Santa Barbara) – Angela ALEISS (University of California, Los Angeles)
“The Great Polygamy Hotel”: Albert Robida (1848-1926) and the Popularization of Mormon Stereotypes in European Fiction
From Sherlock to Godzilla: The Mormon Graphic Image
Michael W. HOMER (Utah State Historical Society)

12,30 / Lunch (on your own)
14-16 / Parallel Sessions
14-16 / Session 24 / Room H – 1st floor
Changing Magic
Chair: PierLuigi ZOCCATELLI
Esotericism and the Coded Word: Form without Substance
Clyde R. FORSBERG (Aletheia University, Taiwan)
Spiritual Pragmatism in the Work of Samael Aun Weor in Light of the Participatory Turn in Religious Studies
Adrian VILLASENOR-GALARZA (California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco)
Polyphony and Change in Aleister Crowley’s Poetry, 1920-1923
Giuliano D’AMICO (University of Oslo)

14-16 / Session 25 / Room E – Ground floor
Ricerche dall’Italia – I
Chair: Carlo GENOVA
“Gli utimi saranno i primi”: ricerca di una risposta alle sfide degli esuli ruandesi a Nairobi
Marta FURLANI (University of Torino)
Infibulazione: la donna somala fra tradizionalismo e fondamentalismo
Gabriele PROGLIO (University of Torino)
Storie familiari di maledizioni e magia: esistenze in crisi e processi di incorporazione
Chiara LOSCHI (University of Torino)
Religiosità senza dimora
Giovanni CATANZARO (University of Torino)
Cattolici e pentecostali nella ricostruzione del Rwanda
Giulia BECCHIS (University of Torino)

14-16 / Session 26 / Room G – 1st floor
Responses to Harm and NRMs in Europe and North America
Chair: Eileen BARKER
The Helping Process in a Center for Cult Victims
Cristina CAPARESI (S.O.S.-Abusi Psicologici, Udine)
Facing the “Dark Side” of Cults: Balance of Fifteen Years Experience
Raffaella DI MARZIO (SIPR, Roma)
Cults, NRMs and Related Groups: What Governments Are Asked to Do; What Governments Should Consider
Michael KROPVELD (Info-cult, Montréal)
Harm, NRMs, and the Work of the International Cultic Studies Association
Michael D. LANGONE (ICSA, Bonita Springs)
Christianity and Alternative Medicine

14-16 / Session 27 / Room N – 2nd floor
Modern Polygamy in the United States: Historical, Cultural, and Legal Issues
Presiding and introducing: Cardell K. JACOBSON (Brigham Young University)
Panelists: Heber B. HAMMON (Center for Teacher Effectiveness), Gary SHEPHERD (Oakland University)

14-16 / Session 28 / Room P – 2nd floor
Changing Religion in Theory and Practice
Chair: Aleksandra KANALEC IVANCIC
The Reasons for the Establishment and the Success of the Ultra-Orthodox Political Party in Israel
Anat FELDMAN (Achva Academic College)
Privatized Religiosity Revisited: Building an Authenticity Theory of the Individual-Church Relations
Anne Birgitta PESSI (University of Helsinki)
Acceptance of Pluralism in Islam. A Myth or Truth
Farooq HASSAN (N.E.D. University, Karachi)

16 / Coffee Break
16,30-18,30 / Parallel Sessions
16,30-18,30 / Session 29 / Room P – 2nd floor
Changing Gods, Changing Perspectives
Chair: Marco PASI
Religion and Distinction: Social Networks, Lifestyle and New Religious Behaviors in Iran
Behnaz KHOSRAVI (University of Lyon 2), Sara SHARIATI (Teheran University) and Susan BASTANI (Alzahra University, Teheran)
“But This is not Religion”: Religion, Spirituality and Science in Damanhur
Sara MOLDRUP THEJLS (University of Copenhagen)
The Collaborative Identity Project of Great Freedom
Alex NORMAN (University of Sydney)
The Paradox of Female Participation in Fundamentalist Movements
Luca OZZANO (University of Torino)
Charisma as a Phenomenon in the Growth and Expansion of Pentecostal Churches in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria
Rotimi Williams OMOTOYE (University of Ilorin)

16,30-18,30 / Session 30 / Room E – Ground floor
Ricerche dall’Italia – II
Chair: Nicola PANNOFINO
“Buddhismo in Occidente, Buddhismo d’Occidente”: continuità, mutamento, legittimazione
Roberta PIBIRI (University of Torino)
Tra piacere e responsabilità. Un’analisi delle biografie sessuali dei giovani cattolici
Cinzia PARADISO (University of Torino)
Aggregazione giovanile e ricerca dell’identità religiosa: associazionismo musulmano e cattolico
Francesco MONTINI (University of Torino)
Il concetto dello spazio sacro nella Libera Muratoria
Lois NOVO (University of Torino)
Pentecostali in rete: evangelizzazione e rapporto quotidiano con il credente attraverso il web
Eleonora CHIARAMONTE (University of Torino)

16,30-18,30 / Session 31 / Room N – 2nd floor
Ai margini delle grandi religioni
Presiding and introducing: Raffaella DI MARZIO
Rivelazioni carismatiche, fondamentalismo e cattolicesimo di frangia: il caso dell’Associazione Roveto Ardente (A.R.A.)
Il giardino della “Santa Parola”. I segreti di Angela e Teresa Isacchi
Giancarlo MOLTENI (University of Milano)

16,30-18,30 / Session 32 / Room G – 1st floor
New Religious Movements and Their Enemies: What’s New?
New Religious Movements in Korea as a Paradigm Shift
Gyung-won LEE (Daejin University)
Extreme Rock Music From Satanism to Mythology to Abstraction: Cultural Radicalism as an Individualistic Experience
Giancarlo MAERO (University of Torino)
Spiritual Therianthropy: Harmonising the Man and the Beast in an Online Community
Venetia ROBERTSON (University of Sydney)
The Raelian Network on Facebook
François Xavier BAUDUIN (Doctoral Candidate, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)

16,30-18,30 / Session 33 / Room H – 1st floor
Changing Religious Experiences
Chair: Roberta RICUCCI
An Outline of Strategies of the Czech Catholic Church During the Process of Public Agenda Setting: Vertical Strategy
Jan VANE and Frantisek KALVAS (University of West Bohemia, Pilsen)
Religion Online. A Comparison between Catholicism and Orthodoxy
Nelu VASILICA (Edinburgh Napier University)
Moral Relativism and the Debt Crisis in Europe
Carlos SANTOS (Portuguese Catholic University, Porto)
Minority Religions and Religious Pluralism: Romanian Neo-Protestants in Serbia
Aleksandra DJURIČ-MILOVANOVIČ (Institute for Balkan Studies, Belgrade)



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