Kremlin/St. Petersburg/: Religions under attack

Antisecterian Conference in St. Petersburg

Sect-Warrior Alexander DVORKIN becomes “FECRIS” Vice President

Alexander DvorkinThe leading Russian sect scholar, professor, director of “Center of Religious Studies Research” and “Russian Association of Centers for the Study of Religions and Sects,” and chairman of the Council for Conducting State Religious Studies Expert Analyses of the Ministry of Justice of RF, Alexander Dvorkin, was elected vice president of the “European Federation of Research Centers for Information about Sects” (FECRIS).
This was the result of the annual conference of the organization which was held 15-17 May in St. Petersburg. FECRIS itself was organized fifteen years ago and is the official consultant of the Council of Europe on matters of totalitarian sects. Members of the organization have gathered annually for their conferences. Previous ones have been held, for example, in Vienna, Barcelona, Brussels, and Hamburg. Now the honor of conducting FECRIS conferences has been handed for the first time to Russia. It is symbolic that the place for the forum was the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev studied.

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